Gateway Health Management

Burn Management

There are accidents or events that occur every year that leave unsuspecting pedestrians and workers covered in burns. Gateway Health Management deals with clients who have acquired burns and other related injuries. The types of burns seen and dealt with most often include fire related burns, chemical burns, inhalation injuries and severe throat damage. It is important to practice good burn management.

When a loved one has been recently injured, it’s hard to know how to make sure they get the help that they need and deserve. There are different types of burns and different degrees of seriousness. There are mild burns, such as 1st degree burns, and very serious burns, such as 3rd degree burns. Most of the clients we help have sustained 3rd degree burns on over 20% of their bodies. Some individuals do not realize the seriousness of inhaling smoke.

Due to the level of heat within the smoke the trachea can be badly damaged or burned. This can result in increased swelling, causing an individual’s airways to be constricted, making it more difficult to breathe, and, in some cases, completely clogging breath paths. In many cases, this is not an immediate reaction, but rather a continuous swelling that, when cared for, correctly prevents damage. If proper burn management isn’t applied, some of these cases can result in death.

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Catastrophic Injury Management

Catastrophic injury management covers primarily severe burns as listed above, multiple traumas, spinal cord injury, and acquired brain injury or damage. Each of these forms of injury have different levels of seriousness. For instance, with brain injuries or damage, there are levels such as mild, moderate and severe. With spinal cord injury, there are levels such as complete or incomplete.

These levels, when related to spinal cord injuries, are the amount of mobility left in the body of the injured individual. With the use of Gateway Health Management, you can make sure that your loved ones start on their way to recovery with our catastrophic injury management services.