Gateway Health Management

Case Management Jobs

Responsible for a patient from the onset of the injury or illness until the person is healed, our caseworkers work hard to provide the finest in care and support. If you are an interested individual who would like to apply for case management jobs with us here at Gateway Health Management, we welcome talented and experienced individuals.

You need to be interested in assisting our clients with a multitude of services. We also have a high demand for bi-lingual caseworkers, although Spanish is preferred. Having people with helpful skills such as this helps us broaden our range of possible clients.

We pay top salaries for employees in case management jobs, setting us apart from other employers in this field. Hours are flexible and your medical and dental bills are covered. There are other benefits to working for our company, such as our retirement contributions and life insurance. When an individual is asked by us to travel for a meeting or other reasons, we reimburse them for their traveling expenses within the area that we have asked.

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Medical Case Management

Gateway Health Management offers in-depth medical case management services and consulting. We offer this to help employees reduce the time they are away from work and to assist in lowering medical and legal costs. Our experienced staff will support you in obtaining your workers’ compensation and preserving your health by focusing on your medical needs first.

Our RNs will carefully monitor your progress and inform you of suggestions to aid you on the road to recovery. Once you are ready to return, our medical case management services will help you return to your employment and get back into your routine. At Gateway Health Management, we have our priorities straight; and number one on that list is your wellbeing.