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Disability Case Management

If you are injured or become ill on the job, the loss of wages can be devastating for you and your family. Gateway Health Management offers our services in disability case management, minimizing the time you are away from your job and working towards assisting you in finding a solution to return to work. We will quickly assess your medical needs and ensure you have a way to get back to work as soon as you are physically able. In addition, our disability case management offers in-depth information on your condition.

Our services are aimed at providing you with answers and responses when you need them, not weeks or months later when they are no longer relevant. We have a proven record of accomplishment that has earned the respect of our competitors and clients. We are known throughout the industry for being reliable and trustworthy, and we provide this same level of service and commitment to all of our clients.

Disability Management Services

Our disability management services are comprised of finding you solutions to your situation. We will examine the extent of your injuries or illness and assist you in deciding the best way to facilitate getting you the care you need. We offer medical and legal consulting, during which you will receive answers to any questions you have concerning your disability or illness, your current condition and future prospects, and any expenses you might incur because of your current malady.

Going through this time is difficult enough, but with Gateway Health Management, you are not alone. We have experienced nurses and legal consultants who are there for you whenever you have questions or concerns. Our disability management services also help your loved ones come to terms with what has transpired. We also offer recommendations for counseling for you and you family alike and will assist you with re-education for returning to work or finding new employment.

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