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Medical Case Management

People around the world are injured on a daily basis. When that happens it affects everyone around them, whether financially, emotionally, or in other ways. A health insurance carrier is forced to deal with the immediate financial bills (i.e. medical), just as other insurances may be forced to deal with other parts of this catastrophe (i.e. home insurance) if there was a fire, or car insurance if the injury occurred in a car crash. Medical case management assistance can help in overcoming these trials. Although every type of injury a loved one sustains is painful for family and friends, the type of injuries sustained also decide which other individuals (such as employers and insurance carriers) will be effected.

RN Case Management Jobs

Medical case management from Gateway Health Management covers many different types of injuries. Some of the most catastrophic include spinal cord, multiple trauma, severe burns and brain injuries. Each of these injuries have contributing factors, which can include severe burns caused by fire, chemically caused burns and injuries caused due to inhalation. With acquired brain injuries, Gateway Health Management covers mild, moderate and severe cases. This also means that post-concussion syndrome is covered. Other injuries covered include posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic pain management, amputation, orthopedic injuries and much more. The individuals in our RN case management jobs who handle these cases need to be very friendly, organized and knowledgeable individuals.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

With Gateway Health Management’s legal and medical consultation, we not only review your file but also help with life care planning. Due to this and other services provided, we have a wide range of employment opportunities. For a person to be qualified for one of our RN case management jobs, they need to have workers’ compensation case management experience, excellent interpersonal and organization skills, self-discipline, and be a California Licensed RN.

We would also prefer a certified legal nurse consultant who is able to work at work on site in northern California. This is because initial responsibilities would include performing on site evaluations, attending MD appointments in Northern California, and guiding a patient through maximum recovery. You would also be expected to perform services as a certified legal nurse consultant that would ensure an effective means to recovery. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, you should apply using the form on the job opportunities section of our website.