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Multiple Trauma Management

When a person has been catastrophically injured, it is not uncommon to require multiple trauma management. This is mainly defined as damage done to an individual’s body from or by exchange with environmental energy that the body is unable to withstand. The deaths caused each year from multiple traumas are estimated to be over one hundred thousand. Often, catastrophic traumas result in traumatic brain injuries. California residents are fortunate to have a bevy of foundations, departments, and companies with the distressed in mind. Gateway Health Management is one such entity.

The initial evaluation of people who sustain these injuries is to taken to provide a primary survey of all visible or noticeable injuries, such as bleeding or broken bones. This initial step is important in multiple trauma management, and we make it our mission to assist you in dealing with the aftermath. The next step is resuscitation, followed by the secondary survey, then definitive treatment.

The main types of trauma that are high transfer and, in some cases, happen on a daily basis include:

  • Motorcycle or automobile accidents
  • Falls of over 20 feet
  • Ejected motorists
  • Accidents where a pedestrian is hit by an automobile
  • Moving vehicle acceleration of over 20 miles per hour

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Traumatic Brain Injury: California

Gateway Health Management takes acquired brain injury very seriously. We accept many cases of all types and levels of injury, including mild, moderate and severe brain injury or damage. We also do our best to make sure that people who acquire post-concussion syndrome get the help they need.

Having acquired brain damage from a traumatic brain injury, California residents experience many negative side effects that can also affect loved ones. This sometimes means that the person they once knew is now acting differently. With Gateway Health Management, we try to make sure that you get that person back as wholly as possible and that your loved ones have the care and attention needed to heal properly.

Spinal Cord Injury Management

To ensure your loved one is properly taken care of so that they can start their road to recovery, contact Gateway Health Management as soon as catastrophic injuries take place. This is especially important when there is an injury requiring spinal cord injury management. These injuries are able to affect someone to the extent where they may be paralyzed for life. This is even more likely if they do not get the attention needed for a case of this magnitude with spinal cord injury management.