Gateway Health Management

RN Case Management

The registered nurses working for Gateway Health Management are hand picked for experience and other important factors. We want to ensure that you will have the best help available to you. Our employees charged with fulfilling RN case management jobs help patients through the process of healing and will make sure they are continually happy with their results, even after treatments.

All RN case management nurses are in charge of keeping the person’s medical records up to date. They’re also in charge of making sure that a client has information with them at all times, including up to date health records, with current and former illnesses and allergies. The reason to have this on hand is in case of a medical emergency. There have been many instances when a person having this information with them has saved their life; it allows doctors to know how they should or should not treat you and provides allergy information. This is important so that if you have an allergic negative reaction, a qualified individual will know how to act in order to save your live.

With RN case management, the registered nurse who has been assigned to a client is in charge of trying to make sure that the patient is not only as comfortable as possible, but also has had all their needs attended to.

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Workers’ Compensation Case Management

Many people are forced to miss days of work due to injuries. Sometimes, these injuries were not a result of the injured person’s actions; another individual or entity was responsible. In cases such as these, workers’ compensation may be in order. Here at Gateway Health Management, we have workers’ compensation case management, which means that your workers’ compensation file is managed and maintained by a professional. You will receive quality workers’ compensation case management and special attention to your own specific needs.

RN Case Management Jobs

For talented individuals who are interested, we have a number of RN case management jobs available with excellent benefits. By joining us at Gateway Health Management, you are not only joining a group which has developed a strong name in the medical industry, you are also joining a team which works together to provide quality and timely service.